We see coaching as a confidential discussion dedicated to surfacing and developing the capability of our clients. It is a two way dialogue in which goals and challenges become clear and new ways of working to achieve them emerge.

We assume that the potential to succeed already exists and through our coaching, provide a safe environment in which to elicit, explore and rehearse ideas and achieve results free from the scrutiny of others. We specialise in coaching senior leaders facing complex challenges such as managing organisational change, dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty and working with the cross cultural dynamics typical of alliances, joint ventures and mergers. 

Our coaching style is non-directive, practical and pays attention to the wider context in which our clients operate. Because our approach is holistic, our clients benefit in many ways, not just in achieving a specific goal. These often include leveraging their existing strengths, improving their team’s performance; developing more effective ways of influencing and challenging internal limiting assumptions. As a result, a natural by-product of our coaching is building energy, reducing stress and developing confidence. 

We provide coaching in association with The Coaching Partnership. Together, we have extensive experience of executive coaching informed by a range of pyschological perspectives. Our client base is diverse, including senior leaders in the banking, service and energy sectors.